How to create a 'Today's date' date property.

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I recently discovered this smart way to create and maintain a 'Today's date' property using workflows. This can then be used in reporting, workflows and lists. 

To do this you can follow these steps: 
1) Create a custom date field property
2020-11-30 16_06_15-Property settings.png


2020-11-30 16_05_51-Property settings.png

2) Create a contact-based workflow with the enrollment triggers 'Today's date is known' OR 'Today's date in unknown'. 
3) Turn on re-enrollment for 'Today's date is known'. 
4) Add an if/then branch action with the trigger 'Today's date is known'. 
5) After the NO branch add the action 'set property value' and then set 'Today's date' to the 'date of step'. 
6) After the YES branch add the the action 'set property value' and then set 'Today's date' to the 'date of step'. 
7) The last steps after the YES branch will be a delay. To do this you will chose 'delay until a day or time' and then choose 00:15 or any other time after midnight. 

2020-11-30 16_19_56-Unnamed workflow - Mon Nov 30 2020 16_09_04 GMT+0800 _ HubSpot.png


This workflow will then work in the backround to always make sure each contact has today's date saved as the value on their record. The same can be repeated for company and deal properties. 

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Does anbody has experiences to what number of records this workaround can be supposed to be more or less reliable?


Thanks for sharing this!


Hi -


What I posted elsewhere (similar to this at runs on 40k+ records. Works fine. There is a lag due to the way it's set up, but it's close enough for our purposes...


Best, John

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HubSpot, please add today's date as a standard date property in HubSpot.

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