How to check an IBAN in real time


Hi guys, 

We've just implemented a feature I'm rather proud of, so I thought I would share : it can be a real pain in the bum to deal with bank rejects when the IBAN property of a company (or contact or deal, depends where you put what) was wrongly input. 

Checking an IBAN is surprisingly easy and can help lighten your workload: 

- Create a property "IBAN validation result"

- Create a workflow that sets up a webhook when IBAN property is known

- Here is the external part (maybe hubspot can make it a native feature eventually ; it's really not that complicated) : host a script on your preferred platform & language (I used python on aws, but it would have worked with zapier or anything else that's able to run an algorithm. Hit me up if you have trouble with it, I can help.)
- Content of the script : check the number of characters according to the first 2 letters (FR is 27, BE is 16 ; you find all keys on wikipedia's page on ibans). Take the first 4 characters (including the FR part), put them at the end ; convert the entire thing in base 36 (basically 0 = 0, 1=1, and then A=10... Z=36). If that big **bleep** number modulo 97 returns 1, you're all set ! If not, it's wrong !
- Have your script write back into hubspot the result of your test

- Add another workflow creating a task if the "IBAN validation result" is "Ding dong this is wrong" and VOILA ! No more pesky bank rejects, ever. 

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Hey @AnaïsB 


Thank you for sharing this information! 🙂 I think it's really helpful 


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