How to change deal owner for ALL jobs at once?


I was wondering if there is a way to change the deal owner for all projects at once? Like a mass switch. We are in the process of re-assigning jobs from one person within our company to another. Do I have to go into each deal individually and change the deal owner or is there a way to do it all at once? 



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Hi @JChance,


You can make use of HubSpot bulk edit feature. Navigate to Menu > Sales > Deals and pick the list view ( karstenkoehler_0-1620100205493.png ). Click on More filters in the center of the screen and make sure you have the right filters applied (e.g. all filters removed, deals from a certain Pipeline or Deal stage, deals from a certain Deal owner etc).


Once everything looks good, tick the checkbox at the top left, then the Assign button:




You can find an overview of all ways to change ownership here.


Hope this helps!

Karsten Köhler
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