How to build or move site to CMS hub?

Can anyone guide me how to create a website on CMS HUB? I have teh website live and I want to move it to CMS Hub as I go through several features of CMS Hub and I think it would be good for me to get more customers through their developed crm tools. I reallyt need to sort this and need guidance on how to start?


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How to build or move site to CMS hub?

@Jenniferlope ,

There's a lot to consider in the question. 

  • What's your experience with HTML, CSS, JS? 
  • How familiar are you with the CMS architecture?
  • Which version of CMS Hub are you using? 

Looking at your site, this is definately something that will require a custom theme as there are features that would be hard to replicate with an off the shelf Hubspot theme.


At a basic level these are the first steps when considering a site migration.

  1. Start with the Theme boilerplate and the reference docs
  2. Look at your existing site and break it up into sections and components
  3. Third for each section or component, determine the content sources.
    1. Authored at the page level.
      1. Default modules - simple content (rich text, image, button, etc)
      2. Custom modules - complex content with unique styles
    2. Dynamic content
      1. Blog
      2. Custom objects
      3. HubDB

There are quite a few factors to consider on whether to use blog tool, custom objects or HubDB for your dynamic content like coupons, products and reviews. 


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How to build or move site to CMS hub?

Hello @Jenniferlope, great question! @ndwilliams3 @LucBenayoun @tette_engage any recommendations to @Jenniferlope matter?


Thank you!


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