How to associate a Reseller to a Deal?


I am a software vendor. One of my channel resellers has a deal that I am assisting him with. I have the deal created. How do I tie the deal to the channel reseller?

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Hey @tomosvold how is the Channel Reseller represented in your HubSpot account? As an account user, a contact record, or a company record?


We created a new field called Reseller on the deal.  Its a free form field right now, becasue there is no way to pull all the company names into it. 

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We are running into the same issue.  Our previous CRM allowed you to create a custom field that was basically a "Company Lookup".  This became our "Partner Company" field.

We need to be able to report on Deals won / lost by Partner A, B, C, D, n...


A dropdown list with Partner Company Names was recommended by HubSpot but this list changes and nobody will seem to volunteer to maintain that field list...


The data type of "Company Lookup" and "Contact Lookup" for custom fields would be an excellent addon to HubSpot CRM.

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Hey @Siddall,

This feature is not currently possible in HubSpot, but you can search, vote for or post this as a feature request on our ideas forum here:


I appreciate what it is both of you are describing here, and agree that it fits the use case of many CRM users who work with channel partners.


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@roisinkirbyIt's really a pity that you don't propose that. It's a simple field with drop-down to a list of company records... I'm afraid I'll have to give up with my onboarding with this solution if the development isn't scheduled 😞