How to assign tasks from inactive owners

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We had to terminate an employee yesterday. I have been able to assign current deals and accounts to other users, however, I can't figure out how to do that for tasks that were assigned to that user.


Please explain how to do this? 





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Hi Jeremy


You can esily reassign the Tasks to another HubSpot User individually, or in bulk.


Go to Tasks: Sales (top menu) > Tasks. The view will show all your Tasks by default.


Select the person whose tasks you want to reassign by using the "Filter by" select list.


Now you should see all their Tasks.


You can now tick all the Tasks you want to reassign and then click "Edit".


Select the Property you want to change "Assigned to".


Then choose the new team member.


Then feel sorry for the person that just got a whole load more work.


Have fun




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Thanks  for your reply Mike. However, because the user is inactive their name does not appear. 

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Oh, I see.

Can you reactivate them (Settings > Users & Teams) while you perform the manoeuvre?

Then turn them off again.


p.s. apologies if I'm stating the obvious