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How to assign conversations to already known contact owners?

Quick query this morning regarding the conversations inbox. I've attached a screenshot of our inbox for one specific conversation that's been assigned automatically to one team member, but the contact is already known within HubSpot and is owned by another.
Our company inbox in HubSpot set up our inbox to assign conversations to members of the sales team. Some of these new conversations are actually already contacts on HubSpot from previous activity however. 
Screen Shot 2020-09-21 at 11.40.40.png
The question therefore is this - if a contact is already in HubSpot and that contact then uses the connected email address to make an enquiry, is there a work around to ensure that the assignee of that enquiry is the contact owner and not another team member?
As seen in the screenshot, the conversation has been automatically assigned to Angela, but the contact is already owned by Amanda. We don't want two sales agents contacting the same prospect, so how do we make sure the assignee is the same as the contact owner?
Obviously, a standard work around would be to use a bit of common sense from the sales team and maintain good admin. Making the assumption that this doesn't happen, can a workflow be used with regard to conversations for instance?
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How to assign conversations to already known contact owners?

Hi there @Simon_MyLeads ,


Thanks so much for your post. I hope you had a good weekend.


It is important to bear in mind that the incoming messages can only be routed to users with assigned Sales Hub or Service Hub paid seats. If the user does not have access to a paid seat, you cannot include them in your routing rules. You can find more about this information here.


Can you please verify or confirm that the user "Amanda" has a Sales or service paid seat assigned? (You can check it by following these steps). 


If she has the paid seat assigned correctly then I will recommend you to double-check the routing rule of the conversation inbox you are using. To do so, you can follow the GIF I've recorded for you:




I hope this helps you.