How to add an associated company and contact when I import deals from CSV

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My sellers like to add in multiple deals as CSV the only problems are that Hubspot isn't able to associate companies and contacts from imported deals. In our spreadsheets, there's a column just for associated companies but still, Hubspot isn't able to detect them when I import the sheet in. I have to manually go back in and associate the companies to the deals. Is there any way for Hubspot to recognize the associated companies when I upload the deals in?

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I've been told there's a solution coming for this issue, that was back in August.  I hope someone says I'm wrong they have a solution for this. 

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Hi @ishanrt and @mark_vande_haar,


You should be able to do this by following the steps outlined here.


Let us know if you encounter any issues following those steps!



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You can import deals into HubSpot and link them to existing companies and contacts using Import2 Wizard -a third party solution. On the Import2 Wizard UI, you can link your new deals to company and contacts by any fields including a full name or email -it just needs to be unique so that Wizard could locate the right contact/company to link to. Here is a quick video overview to help demonstrate how it works: 


If you need to import this data regularly, you have the option to set up an automated import with Import2 Wizard as well, so you don’t have to upload & map fields each time. Here is an overview of how to set up an automated import: