How to Create New Contacts Automatically, with Data Saved in Service Ticket Descriptions?


We're new to Hubspot. Our question is:


How can we automate Hubspot to create new Contact records, using data that Hubspot saves in Service Ticket Descriptions when our website visitors submit Contact Us forms?

Hubspot automatically creates Service Tickets for emails received from when Contact Us forms are submitted on our website.

Hubspot automatically created a Contact record for Wufoo, and whenever new emails come in from, new Service Tickets associated with Wufoo's Contact record. The Ticket Names are the subject lines from Wufoo's emails, which are generic and not useful, such as "Contact Hi-EduCations [#28]"

All data needed for Contact records are saved in Hubspot's Service Ticket Descriptions.


Here's what happens, with an example of data Hubspot records in Service Ticket Descriptions, when website visitors submit our Contact Us form:


1) Wufoo automatically sends an email to our Gmail account connected to Hubspot.


2) Hubspot creates Service Tickets from the email subject lines, with Ticket names like "Contact Hi-EduCations [#28]"


3) Hubspot's Service Ticket Descriptions contain plain text, such as:

"Name: * Firstname Lastname * Phone Number: * 123456789 * Email: *  * Country of Residence * Canada * Message: * Particularly interested in Taipei * How did you hear about us? * Facebook *"

To manually copy/paste this data from Ticket Descriptions into new Contact forms is awfully tedious and slow.

So, please tell us how to get Hubspot to create new Contact records automatically from these Service Tickets? 

Thanks in advance for your advice. We'll appreciate it!

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HubSpot Employee

Hey there, 


Thanks for reaching out, and welcome to HubSpot! I just want to clarify your goal here. It seems from your last message you'd like for the incoming messages from the conversations inbox to create a contact. This should automatically happen when someone emails your shared inbox address. In terms of auto-filling information, we take things like first name, last name, and email - along with date stamps for properties filled upon contact creation.


All other properties would either need to be filled manually or via a form if that's something you'd want to email out to your customers. It sounds like from the ticket description they may already be emailing in with a form of some sort - so you could consider turning that into a HubSpot Form so that all of the reponses go into the contact record! 


At this time, the email body will not be able to be copied automatically into contact properties. Please let me know if you have further questions! 


- Mo