How should I add resellers to the CRM?

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I'm sorry of this is a stupid question but I'm really new to Hubspot.


I sell a software product through resellers and for Prospect companies I want to be able to select the Partner company.


Is this possible?  I can't find an obvious way




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Hey @mball213 am I correct in understanding that you want to add your partner resellers as contacts/company records in your CRM? Or do you just want to track deals that are through this channel?

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Both actually.


A software reseller for a vendor may supply the actual contact details of the opportunity that THEY have (for more 'commission' / points) or they might provide very limited details like the prospect company name.


In either case, the vendor (us, the owners of the CRM) will not be nurturing the prospect.  The reseller will be...but there will be questions along the way between reseller and vendor.  There will also be the tracking of the Deal through the pipeline.


The vendor's communications will be with a rep from the reseller company.  There may be multiple reseller reps, at the same reseller company, that each have multiple Deals with different prospect companies.


How do you best handle these scenarios in CRM?


Keep in mind that you will want to report on revenue, potential / forecasted revenue, and lost revenue BY RESELLER.  Thanks in advance!