How do you add a property to the screen where you enter new contacts manually?

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A property I always use on my contacts is not part of the manual entry screen.


On the bottom it says "define what you see on the new entry screen" or something like it.


I click, it gets me to settings, where the property that's missing and I want to add shows with a checkbox ticked. 


So it should be there, but is not there. So far I always have to open up a new contact again and then add the entry into the property field.


How do I get this property to appear in the new entry screen?

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HI @NGC-224,


You can add a property to this view by following the steps outlined in the video below. 


custom properties.gif


If you are seeing something different on your end, can you please share what you are seeing/where you are getting stuck? 


Thank you,