How do I see what changes have been made to workflows and settings?

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We've noticed MQL numbers changing lately. We have several admin team members and a vendor that are able to make changes to settings, workflows, etc. In order to try and determine if a workflow change impacted MQLs we need to see if changes were made, when and by whom.


Where can I go to see what's changed in HubSpot (workflows, settings, etc.) to determine root cause?


Thank you in advance.

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>>"Where can I go to see what's changed in HubSpot (workflows, settings, etc.) to determine root cause?"

Admin permissions can be regulated to prohibit changing certain SETTINGS.
- see HubSpot user permissions guide

Unfortunately, there are no HubSpot permissions tiers associated with workflows. Nor is there HubSpot change management tracking associated with workflows. This means, anyone/everyone who has access to change ANY workflows has access to change ALL workflows, AND there is no 'History' button to show historical changes.

Due to the above, HubSpot best practice (as with many other platforms) is to only grant permissions an individual HubSpot user NEEDS to perform their day-to-day. While doing so requires more time and much greater HubSpot mastery, it prevents a whole host of rogue administrator issues at scale.


We regularly see PRODUCTION portals with >20% HubSpot Admins &/or Super Admins. Typically, the vast majority of these 'admins' are NOT HubSpot certified. Sorta like giving the car keys to a drunk (intentional comparision) -- i.e., an accident waiting to happen!

Fix the root ACCESS issues and the 'rogue admin' symptoms will subside considerably. Otherwise, chaos is your new norm. Smiley Sad

Hope that helps.