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I am uploading contact details on a daily basis from guests that have stayed at our hotel to create a CRM. Currently I have been able to successfully upload new Contacts every day with information including arrival dates, spend amount, room night, rate etc. 


My question is: The CSV file that i am uploading may add a repeat guest with all the same information as below but the arrival date and spend amount will be different. How do I get his contact to show his multiple stays and NOT overwrite previous stay data?


I did not setup any of my imports with Deals as reservaitons are not really deals and when I did try to use Deals, it was asking for Pipeline information and it just seemed not relavent to a guest's stay transaction.


Any help would be appreciated.




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Hi @tiffosi12001 


If you include an email address when you import the Contacts into HubSpot they will be automatically be "de-duplicated" based on email address.


However, if the import finds a Contact that's already in the CRM (based on email address) then your data will be updated (overwritten).


If you import each visit as a Deal then you will get all the imformation stored in the CRM without overwriting.


Is that what you meant?



Hi Mike,


Essentially I would like to view a contact as such


John Smith

e-mail: xxxx

address: xxxx


stay 1 arrival: 5/5/19

stay 1 room nights: 2

stay 1 average rate: $149

stay 1 total spend: $298


stay 2 arrival: 7/5/19

stay 2 room nights: 2

stay 2 average rate: $149

stay 2 total spend: $298



total stays: 2

total room nights: 4

average room rate: $149

total spend: $596


It sounds like then i do have to setup Deals. is there an easy way to set it up more for this kind of recording versus the traditional "sales" way that the Deal feature seems to be setup for?


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Hi @tiffosi12001 


I think this should do what you need...


Firstly, I would set up Custom Properties for your Deals. I would add the following Properties to you Deal:

  1. Arrival (Date Field)
  2. Room Nights (Number)
  3. Average Rate (Currency)

For the Total Spend I would use the Deal's default "Amount" field because you'll be able to report on it easily.


Then you can import your spreadsheet with the following columns:


Screen Shot 2019-05-10 at 11.35.47 AM.png



  1. If you name the Columns with the same name as your HubSpot Properties it will be easier to import (because HubSpot will have a guess at matching the columns).
  2. The Deal Name can be created by using Excel's CONCAT function to join two columns. Deal name is required so it's best to add the column into your spreadsheet.
  3. I would split the address into Street, City, State, etc. so you get more sensible data in HubSpot.


Now you can import 1 spreadsheet and create the Deals and Contacts at the same time. In the example above John Smith will be one Contact with 2 Deals (because HubSpot will de-duplicate on email address).


When you import choose "Import one file with multiple object types" (full instructions). You can add your Contact and Deal at the same time and create the association between the Deal and Contact automatically.


You can then use HubSpot's Reporting to show you high level reporting. Or create Deal filters to get more detailed spreadsheets.


Does that work for you?



p.s. I've made these recommendations based on the Free HubSpot CRM. With Marketing Pro you could use Workflows to do more clever stuff.

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@tiffosi12001 what type of properties to do you use for "arrival date" and "spend amount"? And do you expect those properties to concatenate new values side with old value? Or for spend amount you want to SUM old value to new?


One idea that might work here is that before the import, you can first pull the export of your contacts from HubSpot, then do the "merge" to those properties prior to the import it back into HubSpot. 


Hope this helps


THanks Mark for the quick reply. It really is great when others are so willing to help their fellow users. 


Althought your method might work, I'd rather not have to add another manual step by having to export and then re-import. The CSV file i have is being updated daily from the property system with new lead info and my intent is to have this auto uploaded to hubspot with minimum input from me.


much appreciated.



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Hi Amar


Which Property System do you use? The whole process may be able to be automated.




HI Mike,


We use the property system from our Franchise. But it is very limited with what information it will export out (on purpose unforuntately).