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How do I change a single line text field type to a datepicker field type?

Changing the field type of a contact property from single line text to datepicker can result in better data for segmenting. Learn more about the datepicker property here.


To convert your single line text field to a datepicker field:

  • Export the contacts who already have a value for this property. You will use this exported file later in this process to reformat any existing values. Create a filter of the contacts with a value for your single line text property using the is known operator. Once you've applied your filter, click Options ,Export all in view. Alternatively, if you are a Marketing Basic, Professional, or Enterprise user, you can create a list of all contacts who have a value for the property you want to edit, then export the list.
  • Edit the file you exported so that you only have two columns: one for Email and one for the datepicker property in question. Ensure the dates are formatted correctly as well (i.e., remove any "January" or "April" text and ensure consistency in all these values). Re-importing those contacts with properly formatted datepicker property values will allow the property value to become fully recognized as a datestamp instead of just letters and/or numbers.

  • Navigate to Contacts, click the Actions dropdown menu, and select Edit properties.
  • Hover over the property you want to change and click Edit.
  • Click the Field type dropdown menu and select Datepicker.
  • Click Save.
  • Import the spreadsheet, already formatted properly and saved as a .csv file type, using the instructions in this article. Map the date property in the import file to the newly changed datepicker property.
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