How can we create an automated estimation process in HubSpot for our tech team?


Hi. We are looking to use HubSpot for our tech team, as a part of our sales effort, which we believe belongs to CRM & Sales part. 


We developed an internal estimation process, which will be something like this:

A sales rep sends request for estimate to a tech rep

A sales rep receives a notification about "the estimate will be delivered in x amount of days"

A tech rep will receive the same notification

The tech rep will receive the reminder y days prior to the deadline

The tech rep reply with an estimate within x amount of days

The sales rep will receive the notification of the arrived estimate


If the sales rep receives questions from the client, they can create a task for the tech rep to give the answer

The sales rep will receive notification about "the questions will be answered within z hours"

A task is automatically created for the tech rep and the deadline is within z hours

A reminder is automatically created for the tech rep once the deadline is nearly due

The sales rep will receive a notification when the tech rep finished the task, with written content by the tech rep in text. 


So all these processes belong to 1 pipeline/workflow, with "x,y,z" and texts (notification, email content, task note) being editable. 


Will it be possible to replicate such pipeline/workflow using Workflow or Sequences?



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Hi @baophan0106,


Thanks for reaching out.

I want to tag in some thought leaders to see if they can assist with this.

Hi @StefaniUAT @Ben_M @Dan1, would you be able to assist with this?




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