How can we build the customer properties fields by select the value from drop down/radio check?

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Hi there,


Our situation is: we're the B2B marketplace for corporate fleet expenses solution, in our CRM we currently have three types of company: Client, Partner & Merchant.  Regarding to the option that company falled into, there're different properties related to key in.


We created the company property name "Company type" to define the type of company that we're going to key into the CRM and it's single option. However, each type of company has their own customized properties. What we would like to ask for help is can Hubspot CRM automatically change the following properties regarding to the pre-select company type option picked?


Example: when we key in new company, our mkt staff will input primary field:

Company legal name (single line)

Company website domain (single line)

Company type (single option: Client / Partner / Merchant)

If company type is: Client, then following properties are:

Fleet type

Vehicle type

Fuel type


If company type is: Partner, then following properties are:

Partner type

Service providing


If company type is: Merchant, then following properties are:

Merchant type

Reconciliation type


That'd be great if the following properties can update due to the primary property of Company type selected.

Thanks a ton

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Just a quick question before I go into a possible solution(s); Are you entering a new company through the "Company" section of HubSpot or does this relate to a form? 




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