How can I filter or sort by incoming activity


After attending a trade event, I'm sending a lot of outbound followup emails so these are all going to the top of my activity feed. 


Some clients are replying and so I want to find these messages becasue they are really important. The problem is that with all my outbound messages, I am losing sight of inbound replies. 


So how can I filter so that I get a an activity list filtered to show inbound or received emails excluding outbound emails?

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Hi @SteveVenton ,


Thank you for sharing your question in the HubSpot Community.

You can add a filter in your Contacts dashboard to only see the contacts who recently responded to your email(1:1).

  1. Go to Contacts dashboard (Contacts > Contacts)
  2. Click "more filters"
  3. Search "Recent sales email replied date"
  4. Make this filter: "Recent sales email replied date is known"


  5. "Apply filter"
  6. Add "Recent sales email replied date" property in your column from [Table actions > Edit columns]
  7. Click "Recent sales email replied date" in the header of the column to re-order

After setting up this filter, you can view the contacts who responded to your sales email.

Since I didn't find "contact's response" related filter in the Activity Feed, I think this is the closest we can do to achieve your goal.


Let me know what you think!


Thanks for the suggestion. This is helpful and does partially achive what I'm looking for. 


Unfortunatly this filter misses emails sent that are not replies to an outbound email, so I guess there is a feature reqeust here to be able to filter and sort contacts by the date of the *last received inbound* activity.


I'm therefore wondering if in Gmail itself if there is a way to identify (and filter) emails that have been receieved from Hubspot contacts as this would achieve the outcome that I'm looking for as a temporary work around.



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Hmm, at the moment I can't come up with other ways to achieve what you're looking for:(

But let's see if Community experts have some ideas for you.

@Dan1 and @AM8, it'd be great if you guys could share some advice for @SteveVenton !