How can I filter deals by parent associated company


I have several companies under a common parent.  I have named them like "Acme -- New York", "Acme -- Cleveland", etc. and the parent is "Acme -- parent".  A deal is associated with one of the the locations, e.g. "Acme -- Cleveland".  In deals, I want to filter so as to see all associated companies with that parent.  If I can't filter by associated parent, I want to filter by all associated companies containing the word "Acme".  How can I do this?

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Hi @cliff,


If the child deals have the parent's name in them (ie: Acme--New York), going under the idea that "Acme" is the parent company's name, you can filter deals by "associated companies" and put in "Acme". This will bring in all the deals associated with any company with "Acme" in the title. To do this you can navigate to the deals tool and then use the filtering options as outlined in this article.


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the property for associated companies in the Deal filter view doesn't show "Contains" -  which makes this workaround not working. At the moment you can only choose between "is equal to", "Is not equal to", "Is known" or " is unknown" in the Associated Company list. 


Seems like the only way to fix this is by creating a new property or using Reports. But the filter doens't get the job done.