How can I create 4 different leads views and manage them easily in the CRM?


Hi, I created 4 different leads property groups on the CRM:

Seller Leads

Buyer Leads

Contact Us Leads

Contact Agent Leads


How can I create 4 views?


Or set the properties that my team sees PER Lead Type??

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Hi @shilenamin I'm not sure what you are asking here, so I'm not sure how to advise you. The property groups are more of an orginization tool to use when creating and working within properties. The grouping themselves don't figure in the filters, and you can't filter based on the name of a property group,  however, you can create a saved filter that includes each property within a group. The danger is that each contact would need to have a value in each designated property in order to show up in the filter. 


A better idea would be to create one dropdown select property with each category (seller lead, buyer lead etc) and then filter on that property to see seperate your contacts. 


Does this help? 


Thank you, 


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