How can I change the informations that appear in my deal dashboard ?

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I would like to change the informations that appear in my deal dashboard : I would like to see the deal name and the task associated (with the due date) instead of the conversion date.

Does someone know how to do that ?

Thanks a lot !

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Hi Clem_popchef,

Instead of working in Deals, I would actually recommend that you work in Tasks instead. Because there is no efficient way of viewing associated task informationin the Deal view, it’s just easier to work in tasks.

By Default, the board view of the Tasks page will show you the task name and the due date. It will not show you the deal that it is associated with. If this works for you as-is ,then you can work in the board view of tasks. If you absolutely need to see the deal info, though, you’ll need to switch to the Table, because there’s no way to edit the information that appears in the cards.

In the Table view, you’ll see a column called “Associated With.” Tasks can be either associated with contacts or deals. If you’d like to see all of this information at the deal stage, then you’ll want to make sure whenever you create a task, you are associating it with the a deal, not a contact. This may not be a “snapshot” like the board view, but it is certainly better than nothing.