How are others tracking customer health on deals/renewals?

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We've created automatic renewals when deals are closed/won, but we'd now like to indicate the "health" of those renewal deals somewhere on the deals.  Does anyone have a best practice like a custom field for Renewal Likelihood: At Risk, Moderate, High or Red/Yellow/Green, etc.   Also looking to add "Relationship management" notes or tasks to update on a regular basis throughout the renewal year.  I'd love to hear what others are doing as we haven't yet set up our processes yet.  Please advise.  Thanks! 

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Hi @annieseattle ,


What software subscription(s) do you have? For us, managing and monitoring customer loyalty is really taken to another level with the addition of Service Pro


You can deploy survey's, monitor net promoter score, set satisfaction goals, set up a ticketing system. It's awesome! 


If you're not bought-in to Service Pro, one consideration I'd make for tracking customer health is to update record data on the company record and not the deal record as deal records are best utilized by sales teams working on closing deals in real time, and there can be multiple deals assigned to one company or one contact. The company record acts as more of an underlying database of information. 



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Thank you for bringing this conversation to the community. I am currently struggling with Health check setups in HubSpot as well. Although, we will check at the company level versus deals/renewals. We are looking to start performing quarterly reviews so that at the time of renewal, we have a clear understanding of if they may or may not review. 


I'm not sure if you still need help, @annieseattle, however, I did find this article from HubSpot. Which is a bit helpful.


I'd love to hear if you were able to solve the issue. Or hear from others if they found a solution.

Another question to pose is how do you track Customer Success/Service progress?


Look forward to the conversation.