How Do I Revert To The Pre-streamlined View?

The 'company/deals/ticket/attachments/etc.' column was hidden before. Now it unnecessarily occupies valuable screen area more efficiently, for me, used to view correspondence/tasks/notes. How do I hide that column and return to the (2) column view as the default?

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HubSpot Employee

How Do I Revert To The Pre-streamlined View?

Hi @CCare! Thanks for reaching out. 


This has since been removed, as the right sidebar being collapsible added close to one second of the page's load time on a record—so the team has removed it. Definitely a contentious change, but one of the top priorities for the contact record pane has been to improve loading speeds, and this was the #1 slow-down on the page.

However, I know our team is still reviewing any feedback on the change and I would encourage you to post your thoughts on this post here


I hope this helps clarify!



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