Hiding Hubspot Property Options

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Hi All,


I am trying to figure out if it is possible to hide specfic options on a  property field.  For instance, if we are tracking the HubSpot owner, is there a way to hide the owner options.  For example, if a staff member leaves, we still want that property option to exist in the system, just no longer as a choice.  I don't believe this is an option, but maybe I am missing something.  Having this be an option in the custom properties would be huge too.


Thanks for any help/advice.

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Hey @christourre I don't beleive what you are currently describing is possible. To clarify, is that you want to hide certain properties from your users?

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@roisinkirby Correct.  I wanted to hide some options within the property for users to select.  I didn't believe it was possible, but wanted to confirm if I was missing something. 

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I would like to be able to do this too without having to create new property tabs etc. Would be good if the toggle off system worked for users too and not just the public. 

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I would like to be able to hide a property as well so the sales team can't see them anymore, because they are outdated and or we just don,t want our sales team to be able to select them but don't want to lose the data behind.