Help with 'New Contact' function!

When I change the columns in the CRM database, and rename and move then to reflect my requirements, and save the changes, the contacts bars on the 'table layout' appear correct. But when I go to add a new contact, it just shows me the old format. For example, it only specifically asks for contact name and email address, whereas at the moment, while we are building our portfolio, we have company names and URLs as opposed to this info. I'm not sure how to add a contact with the new data fields that I require...




This is the data set that I input when I edit the form. I save it. It appears in the columns on the main page. 


When I go to add a new contact, after this form has been edited and saved, it resets back to the original settings...


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Help with 'New Contact' function!

Hi @CHaines3,


When we talk about the contact dashboard and creating a new contact, they're not the same thing. The contact dashboard is like a view where we can see all our contacts, and we can customize what columns we want to see.


But creating a new contact is different. When we make a new contact, there are some basic things we need to fill in, like their name, email, and maybe phone number. These are the essential details we need to have for every contact.


 We can customize the contact creation form too! We can add more fields to it if we need to. So, if there are extra details we want to capture when we're adding a new contact, we can edit the form to include those fields. We can even make some fields required, so we don't forget to fill them in.

 If we need specific things when adding a new contact, we can tweak the form to ensure we capture all the info we need.


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Help with 'New Contact' function!

Hi @CHaines3 


Changing or creating views of your contacts and changing the contact create form are two completely different things in HubSpot.


The linked article walks you through how to change the contact create form.


I hope that helps.


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