Handling Parent/Child Deals

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I'm wondering how others handle this situation...


We are a global consulting company and sometimes have Deals where more than one region participates. I think I'd like to track each region's contribution (though, frankly, I'm not positive I care). Separately, we often get follow-on work related to certain projects.


Ultimately, a Parent/Child relationship in Deals would handle both these requirements. Hubspot doesn't appear to be capable of that.


How are you handling the same issues?

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Hi @timritchie2005,


I want to tag in a few subject matter experts to see if they have any thoughts here.


@Kim_HM@joshua-paul@matthodkinson do you have any tips for @timritchie2005?


Thank you,

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Hi @timritchie2005 

We've come up against this with a client recently - in fact, they complicated matters by having Child, Parent and "Ultimate Parent" entities. We suggested setting up custom fields to hold the company entity type. The same can be created to hold a value for the region.


Jumping into Custom Reports, you can then create modules to present the Revenue figures, filterable by region - e.g. Revenue per Rep, filtered to a specific region, or by region as a whole, to create a leaderboard style view. Help on custom reports, if required, here... https://knowledge.hubspot.com/reports/create-custom-reports

The potential for follow-on business can be captured and tracked by creating "target lists" based on those contacts that have the Parent/Child custom field poopulated appropriately.


Hope that makes sense, and is a help? Best of luck.

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Hi Tim, great challenge! When you say "more than one region participates" are you referring to multiple divisions of a client's company or multiple regions within your comany?

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Great question. Multiple regions in my company.

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Tim, thanks for the additional information. It comes down to how detailed you want to get in measuring a region's contribution.


The cleanest way to do this is to create a custom deal proprty called something like "Region." It will be a multi-checkbox property. Make it required when a deal gets to a specific point in the process so the data stays accurate.


From there, you can segment and report on deals where specific regions or multiple regions were involved. If you have Sales Enterprise, you can use workflows and calculated propeties to go a step further and allocate a portion of the deal revenue by region. (If you have Sales Pro, I would not advise using your 5 calculated fields for this purpose).


Good luck!