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I'm using the free CRM, Marketing and Sales platforms.


I'm entering into a strategic business relationship with an overseas client that sells custom software development services.


I'll be providing strategic marketing and business consulting, and one of the first things we will do is implement the free CRM, Marketing and Sales platforms.


My compensation will be a percentage of each monthly payment made from any clients we onboard.


Question 1: With the functionality offered in the free platforms, will I have the ability to ensure I am aware of all clients my partner business onboards, and the associated payments to my partner business?


Question 2: Any recommendations on how to ensure my tracking ecosystem keeps me in the loop? Would I need access to my business partner's financial information?


My concern is that my partner business could look for opportunities to draw interactions outside of the HubSpot tracking ecosystem, and that business could begin taking place outside of my awareness so as not to pay my commission.



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Hi @jesah,


While there are notifications and systems in place to keep you up to date on records that come in, you will need to have proper permissions and an understanding with your partner to ensure you are kept in the loop. Many of the notifications depend on the person who enters the data associating it with you. 


In general, I think the best way to stay up to date and informed will be through the Notifications tool. For an overview of notifications you can receive in association with your portal, I wanted to share this resource


Additionally, I would recommend ensuring you are given the permissions of Super Admin which will enable you to see all of the data within your portal. 


Thank you,



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