GTM Not Showing All Page Views

We are launching a new site that has GTM installed on it.  We have installed the HS Tracking Tag to trigger on page view, but when we look at customer data we only see a fraction of the pages that are viewed.Screenshot 2022-03-14 232959.jpg


The site doesn't utilize HubSpot forms, but rather maps the fields to HS properties. 

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GTM Not Showing All Page Views

@tylerstouderI hope you're not installing this HS tag on HubSpot hosted website. 

Are you using any third-party Cookies management service? It might also interfere with your tracking.


Aakar Anil
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GTM Not Showing All Page Views

Hi @tylerstouder,


Thank you for reaching out to the Community!


I wanted to share this Community article where @Ben_M gave the following tip:

"have you considered tying the events to your GA goals (ua) or conversion events (ga4)? If you set up the analytics in this manner your tracking should be the same across platforms to help give you better insights."


Also, this Knowledge base article explains in more detail why you might see different web traffic results in HubSpot and GA. 



@Aakar I also wanted to ask you for your opinion - is there anything you would like to add? Thank you!


Mia, Community Team



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