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How to change the from Field in a email in a contact?


Ill break it down to make sence to my question.

In the CRM section and you click on contacts and select a contact,  When you want to email them inside the contact on the left I click on the email,  it says to: (the contact I selcted) and FROM --- this is the part im trying to figure out.

I Did a email intergration with 3 diffrent ones

1. PeterG@mydomain.com

2. sales@mydomain.com

3. customercare@mydomain.com

 All 3 I click on says

Peter Gorski PeterG@mydomain.com

Peter Gorski sales@mydomain.com

Peter Gorski customercare@mydomain.com


Im ok with Peter Gorski PeterG@mydomain.com

But how do I change the other 2 to not say Peter Gorski in front of it. I want It to say something diffrent.


Thanks for your help in advance Smiley Happy

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Hi @PeterG,


The 'from' address within your inbox will associate with the name you've set up for yourself in the profile and preferences section of your inbox. 


For more information on this, I wanted to share this resource.


Thank you,

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