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As a french-canadian, we want our CRM to be in french.  I changed the language settings to French (In Beta).  However, when I import contacts from an existing CSV file, every letter with accent symbols appear like this way with ? replacing them, instead of é, à, ù... : Universit� du Qu�bec � Chicoutimi ...


Is there anyways to modify it?  If not, I'm sad to say that we're no longer going to consider Hubspot as our CRM system.


Thank you.

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You can import contacts within HubSpot using a .csv file. If you'd like to import a file that includes special characters, you'll want to confirm that your file is UTF-8 encoded.


Full details/instructions on how to do this can be found here on the HubSpot Knowledge Base: How can I include special characters in my import file?


Using Google Sheets is also a really helpful alternative to Excel Smiley Happy