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Hey all


I have 5 paid sales pro users who are in the sales team, I also have around 60 other staff who are free users and occasionally but rarely add deals to a pipeline.


With their rare use of the pipelines, I won't ever be able to justify upgrading 60 staff to pro (£4,020 a month) in order to simply add a product to these deals.


My only 3 thoughts so far are:

  • Give a paid user an admin task of going through the pipeline and adding the missing products to these deals whenever they pop up. Taking up the salesperson's time
  • Abandon the products feature altogether and create custom deal properties that any user can use. The sales team lose their paid for features in products and quotes.
  • Recommend that HubSpot make adding products to deals available to free users

I'd love to hear how you all are dealing with this situation in your own setting.

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Hi @Hawk-Steve,


I feel your pain. I'd suggest the recommendation, however you will need something in the meantime.


How about an intern or other administrative position which would have a sales pro seat, but would be in charge of management of those products. If you have the work, they could be tasked with other things, but their time will be significantly cheaper (usually) than your sales resources. 


Just a thought.



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As you've pointed out ...

We've seen clients with large teams (some Pro and many free) like yours typically assign similar tasks to a 'Sales Administrator' or other sales support role with a Pro seat. In one case, they purchased an additional Pro seat and assigned it to the receptionist.

Not ideal, but functional and doesn't consume a salesperson's time.

Hope that helps.