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My Client's team use Basecamp and Asana. The emails from these platforms automatically goes into HubSpot which is creating a mess in their database. Any way to filter which emails goes into HubSpot?

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If you (Admin) go under settings and conversions you can add domains to a filter list or whitelist, instructions can be found in this article. This only seems to apply to forms so it may not help much.


The other option is to create a list for when one of those domains is detected in a contact's email. 


The list could be "Contacts email contains asana or basecamp" as enrollment criteria. Then once a week (or however often you'd like) delete the entire list.  You could also set up a workflow to notify you when someone gets added to the list I believe. 


 Unfortunately, you can't auto delete contacts via workflow which would be instant but I think between the two methods above you should be set.


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You can use the HubSpot email integration addon on the browser to control it to a certain extent. You can click on the HubSpot addon on your email client and ----> click on the log & track setting -----> add specific domain which you would like HubSpot to exclude from log into HubSpot. Please check the below screen shots:


HubSpot log and track setting.jpgDomain block.jpg


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Thank you very much. This is helpful. I'll let you know if it works.

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Sure, please let me know if it worked. Else I will try to find a new solution to solve this.