Forms input to Custom Objects


Is it on the road map to enable forms to update specific properties inside of a Custom Object? Or is this possible through 3rd party integrations like zapier?

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At the moment this is not possible with HubSpot, I'd recommend voting for this idea on our ideas forum. I'm wondering what other alternatives our experts have found. 


Hey @ndwilliams3 @Josh @Phil_Vallender any recommendations you can share with @Sdiddy407?




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We are looking to utilize custom objects and forms to allow customers to identify their desired service type and therefore filters their business to a seperate set of subsets. Same with  Metro/Regional Structure allowing them to tell us what they're interest is via form connected to subsets of filters and funnels.

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I was messing around with custom objects in a sandbox portal and it looks like you can now added custom object properties to forms. However, this will create a new custom object record on submission. I agree that there will be use cases for updating an object vs creating a new one and a mechanism is needed. 


We need this for webinars. We were about to move to Sales Enterprise to enable custom objects and record all our webinar data here. Just tested creating a workflow based on date and nope. I want to get all of our data working from within Hubspot to track engagement and it drives me absolutely mad i cant make it work.


Getting ready for a salesforce / pardot conversation now.