Formatting Phone Numbers

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Hello- is there a way to mass update all company and/or contact phone numbers so they all have the same format (i.e. 303-598-9290 or (303) 598-9290)?




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The best way I have found to handle this is to export all the related contacts with an email or companies with a domain and re-format in Excel. After altering, I then bulk import the files back in to mass update. 


Warning: This only works if the contact has an email or company has a domain. If you attempt without unique values in email/domain; you will duplicate all your records!

Contact Report - filter for email is known

Company Report - filter for domain is known


Hope this helps and Good Luck!

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That's how I would do it, Kanioma.


But even better would be if Hubspot added a feature to auto-format telephone numbers when entered.  (I know this has been requested multiple times -- hopefully they'll get around to it soon!)