Form submission unresponsive for mobile


Hi, I managed to connect my nonHubSpot form to my HubSpot CRM but it adds a lead only if someone submits the form through the desktop version but not through mobile version.

If the form is submitted via mobile it also doesn't come up in the "View Submissions" view 


Any idea what could be the reason? Does anyone have a solution for this?




[Update] - the problem seems to be for submitting forms via Iphone.

Forms submitted via Android are being successfully added as Leads.

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@Adp I just tested our form by emailing it to me and them filling out. I have an iPhone xs max.  No problem receiving the form through the CRM. No problem receiving the email confirmation. 


Please note, my form was created in HubSpot and is not yet on my website. We are using it through email. 


Can you check your form? Or can it be created in HubSpot?  I am on the free version.