Form submission copy on a new deal from "contact us form".

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Hi All, 

I've created a workflow that creates new deals, once contacts are set as MQLs. 

Contacts/companies are associated automatically with those new deals and deals are assigned to the relevant sales rep, based on the country of origin. 


I am not able, however, to copy the form submission to a deal. 

I have included "add timeline activity from the enrolled contact" but for some reason, it doesn't get carried over to that new deal. The only workaround is to go to a contact page and see it there. 


Any tips how to display associated contact activity (form submission) on this new deal? 



screenshot (2).png

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Hi @Edyta7510 


Thank you for reaching out. 


Activities consists of notes, emails, calls, tasks, and meetings which is why these steps don't work. We don't have a native way to do this so I'd advise posting in our Ideas Forum about this. We have this related idea but for the associated company record.


However, I'm wondering if some of our top experts could have a workaround - @Josh @Aakar @Bruno_Teixeira do you have any suggestions for @Edyta7510 on this? 


Thank you!



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