Forecasting-- Modify the amount field?



We are an events business that when a deal closes we still collect variable revenue a few months later. For examples:


If we close a deal with Google, for $1,000 for an event, 30 days later we may bill for any overages that amount to $500 bringing the total expected deal value to $1,500. We want to be able to do as much forecasting around the $1,500 amount rather than the $1,000 amount where the deal lands at the point of contract signature, but isn't necessarily the true amount of the final deal.


My question is if it's possible to make the "amount" property into a calculated field? We already have a standalone custom property called "forecasted variable amount" and we just want to be able to add that forecasted variable revenue amount in during time of close and do projections off of that. 


My secondary question is we modify the amount tool, how will that impact Hubspot's quotes functionality? We don't want a quote to go the client to include the total forecasted amount obviously and want to be able to price they see to be the only what they immediately owe. 


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Forecasting-- Modify the amount field?

Hi @AAllen5,


Thank you for reaching out to the Community. The property 'Deal Amount' is a HubSpot default property and can't be edited or changed into a calculation property. As you've also mentioned in your post, creating a custom calculation property would be the best way to track final deal amounts.

If you would, for accurate reporting, like to update the property "Deal Amount"after a selected time (after you've closed the deal or sent a quote for example), you can create a workflow to copy the value from the custom calculation property to 'Deal Amount'.  


I also wanted to tag a few subject matter experts: @Jonno_Price@warrendavey@JeremyHong any tips or experiences you could share here? 


Thank you!



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