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Hi, my site is developed with wordpress.
I have installed "Contact Form 7" for create my forms.
I also insalled the "HubSpot" plugin, for sync the contacts with my account.
When i send a request from a contact form, in my Hubspot account a new "contact" is created with all fields (email, phone, ecc) except "First Name" and "Last Name".
In the contact form 7 configuration i have enter this field (
Why? What is wrong?

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Hi @bisapatrick  Welcome to the community. In order to save the correct name information the Collected Form tool needs to find a First Name and Last Name field on the form. You currently are using Nome and Cognome for the first and last name fields. Since Collected Forms didn't recognize the these as the first and last name fields, it did not populate them. 


Is it posssible to change the field names in your forms?


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