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Find Contacts with no active Tasks scheduled

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I'm trying to filter for contacts with no tasks scheduled. I've tried Next Activity Date is unknown, but that finds contacts that do have active tasks.


What does Next Activity Date and Last Activity Date reflect?

Is there a way to filter for no tasks or meetings scheduled?




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Hi @jhdean,


The "Next Activity Date" and "Last Activity Date" properties refer to the last/next time a note, call, email, meeting, or task was logged for a contact.


You can read more about these here:






At this time, it is not possible to filter contacts by whether or not they have a task associated with them - we do not yet have a contact property that records task activities specifically. However, I can definitely see the use case for this, and would encourage you to post about it on our Ideas Forum here in the Community whenever you get the chance!



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Gotta have this folks.  Reps with 100+ Leads at any given time RELY on Tasks to keep everything sorted for their daily operations / touches. 

Sorting and listing on 'last activity date', 'creation date', or the like just doesn't give a true picture of a lead slipping through the cracks.  Correct me if I'm wrong but a generic Marketing Email (i.e. newsletter or blog announcement) sent to a Contact will update the "last activity date".  This is not a fair representation of the Sales Rep's 'last activity date'.


Contact records do have "next activity date", which factors in future Tasks scheduled.  However, Deals DO NOT have this field...sigh.  So if a Rep is busy, happens to be in the Deal record, rather than the Contact record (it happens!), and adds the next Task...the Rep MUST remember to now add the Contact to this Task, while having a sandwich in one hand and a phone in the other...it's not going to happen folks. Smiley Sad


It seems that adding a Task to a Deal does not automatically associate to the Contact(s) linked with the Deal.  Thus, 


The biggest challenge I see right now with Reps is having to work out of Contacts AND Deals...where you work with Contacts that have not had their Opportunity defined yet (early in the sales cycle) and working with the obvious Deals (pushing them through the stages).

However, these two HubSpot 'entities' do not have the same style of "next steps" functionality.  Yes, they both have Tasks, but the linkage is manual and Deals doesn't capture the next Task Date, while Contacts does.  We can't figure out how to keep things from falling through the cracks...too many different variables.


I'd rather see a feature to:

1) turn off the creation of Tasks at the Deal level (i.e. force the Contact Task, so reporting on missing Next-Tasks is possible), or

2) feature to auto-associate the Contact with a Deal Task (so reporting on missing Next-Tasks is possible, at the Contact-level)

3) add "Next Activity Date" to Deals, OR

4) add the field "Next Task Date" field to all records...which still doesn't address the fact that you couldn't easily report on an Opportunity with no next Task created.


Where do Reps work from when they have high volumes of leads?

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You can actually easy find deals without a task. Simply create a filter where "Next activity date" : "is unknown". Good luck!

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Hi Jeff,


If I right understand want your asking here you want to find all your contacts/companies that have no open tasks against them is this right?


If so this is possible to do you just need to build a workaround which happy to explain if you haven't already worked this out or have the answer to it.