Filtering by Original Source Drilldown 2 field does not work for imported contact

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I am using the "Original Source Drilldown 2" field as my criteria for filtering my contacts, as this is the only Hubspot field which contains the specific file name of my Contact import.


However, when I create a filter from this field, no records meet the criteria if using the full value (i.e. "Test_Import_1") or even by the wildcard search "Test*". 

I noticed that when you filter on this field for contacts that are not imported (i.e. created direct in the CRM) that the filter works (i.e. "CRM_UI" is the value there). 


Why can't I filter on this field for imported contacts?

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Hi @ashley_milne, have you tried filtering your Contacts by List Membership and include the static list name of your CSV import file?  That may only work if you have the Marketing module as well.  But I agree with you that it is very strange that "Original Source Drill Down 2" doesn't work for the import files.  

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Thanks for your reply! I am only using CRM unfortunately, so no list to use, just manually creating the view of those contacts from the import. 

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The Original Source Drill Down-2 filter is a complicated one. Within the UI, we display the name of the import file, however on the backend, we store it as a unique list ID. Since the CRM platform doesn't have access to lists, this functionality is more limited than the marketing platform. 

For some more information about deleting imports, check out this post: