Filtering a contact's deals

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Hi.  I want to create a view of contacts who have any deal where (a) they are a contact and (b) that deal's name has a "#" in the deal name.


How?  Thanks!

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Hey! I think I see where you might be running into trouble on this one: The view filters only really take into account Contact information, and not the associated Deal info.


However, I do have a workaround that I myself use in situations like this: You can still Filter by List Membership, and Lists are more expansive than Filters in what you can include.


In this case, I'd put together an Active List of contacts with the following Filters: Deal Name Contains any of "#". This will pull contacts who are associated with Deals that have # in the name into the List, covering both the (a) and (b) requirements you're looking for. 


Screenshot 2020-08-21 at 17.20.45.png


Then, once you've saved that List, you can go into your View and Filter by List Membership (name of List), pulling in only the Contacts who have an associated Deal where they're a contact, and the deal name contains a "#"!


Best of luck!