Fillable PDF Form to CRM Integration?

Hi, what way can we integrate PDF fillable forms so that the data gets synced into the CRM directly?


And if not, what's the workaround?

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Fillable PDF Form to CRM Integration?

Hey @infiniteloop   - We've created a tool that generates a personalized PDF from contact record.

Here is a quick demo:

Let me know if you'd like to try this.

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HubSpot Employee

Fillable PDF Form to CRM Integration?

Hi @infiniteloop


Thank you for reaching out! 


Although at this time it is not possible to integrate PDF fillibale forms into the account. We would suggest looking into the Marketplace to see if there are any third-party apps that would allow you to achieve this. 

If you would like for this functionality to exist I would recommend posting this on our HubSpot Ideas Forum. This is where our Product team goes to receive feedback from our customers and also allows for other users to up-vote and comment on your idea.



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