Field Name Change!!!


Why has HubSpot changed the 'Deal ID' field to 'Record ID' without notification. Given this is in effect the primary key for records this change has broken many of the data queries we have set up.

A bit more warning would be good customer service!

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Field Name Change!!!

Hi @Exyte,


thank you for reaching out, your feedback is very important to us and we regularly evaluate how we communicate such changes with our customers. 

Currently, notifications about sunsets and feature updates live in your HubSpot account: Profile > Product Updates. You'll find updates that are relevant to your HubSpot subscription there.

Screenshot 2022-08-12 at 14.52.13.png


Most of the updates are also posted on the Releases & Updates board in the Community. 


If there's another way you'd like to be notified about feature updates, please let us know and I'll be glad to share it with the team. Thank you! 



Mia, Community Team

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Field Name Change!!!



the problem is indeed that all the ID fields when there is an exportation are called with the same name : RECORD ID instead of COMPANY ID or DEAL ID or ....

How can it be ? Why such change ?


in addition in cas of multiple importation the COMPANY ID field is no longer enough and should be completed by another colum wich is COMPANY DOMAIN... Who can explain to me this change ?