Extra "Prospecting" pipeline, or earlier stages in sales pipeline?


Hi all.


I watched all the lessons about customizing a sales pipeline, and most of it makes sense. 

The question I have is this:


We source leads via LinkedIn as well as inbound leads. The inbound leads naturally fit into the sales pipeline, but to "generate" leads with direct marketing tactics, there are other steps involved.


Do I create a different pipeline for that? Or is it to cumbersome to have a new pipeline for every lead? 


Do I just create extra steps in the sales pipeline, and simply just click those steps to complete them if an inbound lead comes?


Thanks in advance



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Hi @Joeri


I don't know if I've fully understood your question but I would recommend against putting prospects or early stage leads in any pipeline as this really gets you working against how HubSpot is built 


As soon as you create a deal in a pipeline, the associated contact or company will be moved to lifecycle stage opportunity. This removes the possibility for you to effectively use lead, MQL and SQL status to measure and manage your lead generation and nurturing. 


The lead status is one property that is intended to be used for pre-deal qualification, but you could create others. 


Hope this helps.

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@Phil_Vallender Would you care to expand on that? I don't see how Lead Status can help me focus on who I need to develop. 

With a "deal" in a prospect pipeline, I could associate tasks, contacts, notes etc. in a way that is logically organized (for the sales persons brain).

While I can certainly view a list of companies in a particular "Status", it doesn't help me very much with prospect/account development. (Using a blend of inbound/outbound here.)


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@Joeri I dont understand either. What is your subscription level?