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Express your interest: Early Access Program for Troops & HubSpot Integration

The HubSpot team in ANZ are excited to be working on a new integration with Troops and Slack and are looking for HubSpot customers to join the early access program! 


Troops connects HubSpot CRM and Marketing Hub with Slack in a two-way conversation. Your whole team (sales reps to customer service to managers) will be able to use slack to: 

  • Be notified of new leads
  • Check the status of leads, update records, deals and contact details (in Slack!)
  • Track activities that have the most impact


As part of the Early Access Program, customers will get a free 2 months free trial of Troops.  This flyer contains more information, including why (and who are) Troops.


Kat Warboys, Head of Marketing at HubSpot in ANZ has also recorded a short video, watch it now, discussing the results HubSpot saw when using Troops.

Spoiler: work rates of qualified leads improved by 50%.


If your organisation would like to be considered for the Troops Early Access Program, sign up here. To qualify, you should ensure that your organisation:

  • Uses Slack or Microsoft Teams
  • Uses the HubSpot CRM or Marketing Hub
  • Is interested in increased sales productivity
  • Has a B2B structure (preferred, not essential)
  • Should be ready to start working with the Troops team by the start of August.
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Participante | Parceiro Diamante
Participante | Parceiro Diamante

Express your interest: Early Access Program for Troops & HubSpot Integration

Pumped about this. I have 1 Salesforce client & we set this up for them and I love it. So happy its coming to my favorite CRM