Exporting from 3 Engines: Contacts, Companies, Deals - to create one Report.

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It is possible to set up filters and columns for each Engine in HubSpot Sales (Contacts, Companies, Deals) - and then export the data one engine at a time.


We must export one Engine at a time and this is data only, not helpful.  


We then need to combine the information from all three engines into one spreadsheet - or report.    And create a document that is viewable/readable by others and makes sense.


I suspect that HubSpot will not offer a solution for improving on this to get a good report. 


I am hoping/looking for a 3rd Party App/software that integrates with Hubspot to get it done.  (data from 3 engine sources to deliver 1 report or spreadsheet)


Appreciate any help.



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Hi @michaelhartzell This HubSpot Academy resource explains how to create saved filters and export data, across all three CRM objects (Contacts/Companies/Deals). From there you will need to work within Excel to manipulate the data further. 


As far as integtrations for reporting, several direct HubSpot integrations are available here, and you can also search Zapier's extensive list of HubSpot integrations here.  


I hope this helps. 




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Hi Ed,


Thank you for the point to the resources. I had reviewed each of these and was hoping for a short cut vs reviewing so many in the inventory. 🙂   


Appreciate the note!


I will continue the tests.