Exporting deals and email addresses Manually or link with Klaviyo using Zapier


I'm trying to integrate with Klaviyo using Zapier, the zap is associated with a specific HubSpot sales pipeline, the goal is to add subscribers to a custom-made list in Klaviyo when we move a HubSpot deals to a "Klaviyo" stage in the respective sales pipelines— After I set up the initial "trigger" in Zapier I am having trouble finding the correct data for the different fields, including email. 

Do you know how to solve this?

In case it is not possible to find a solution using Zapier, I'd like to find a way to export all my contacts in XLS and include their deal stage, or export all the deals with contact information including their email so I can batch email everyone depending on their deal stages. 

Any help on this, I'm struggling.


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Hi @jayneyer,


Thank you for reaching out to the Community!

I don't have expierence using Zapier to populate Klaviyo lists myself, but I wanted to tag a couple of Zapier experts to see if they have any tips they can share: @HubDoPete@mikesimonsen@GeorgeThomas@danmoyle@lynton. Thank you!


You could also try using Automate.io.       


Regarding lists and exporting all contacts that are associated with specific deals, I would recommend creating a static or active Contact-based list and choosing Deal properties > Deal stage as filter type. After you've created the list, you can export it by clicking Actions in the top right corner of the list editor or More next to the list name: 

Screenshot 2021-09-16 at 14.21.49.png









You can export Contact and Company properties, as well as information about associated deals:

Screenshot 2021-09-16 at 14.21.16.png


I hope this helps! 




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