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I am trying to take the 300+ contacts currently in Hubspot and export them into Gmail. My first step was to export the file as a .csv file and subsequently inport that .csv file into Gmail's contact page. When I did this the contact names showed up, however, their phone numbers were put into "notes" rather than recognized as phone numbers. In addition, the contact's email addresses instead of loading seamlessly into "email" now show up under the gmail contact in "other". So basically the import from csv file did not work at all. Is there a better way to transfer contacts from Hubspot into gmail or do I have to manually insert phone numbers and emails for all 300+ of my contacts (over 600 entries will take many hours)?

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Hi @william968 Welcome the the Community! We don't have a native integration that will move contacts from HubSpot into Gmail. Google provides instructions for importing addresses into Gmail here. Additional instructions can be found here


I wasn't able to duplicate this in my portal. Can you check if the data and columns exported from HubSpot is correct by opening the exported file in a spreadsheeet program?


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Hi William,

unfortunnaly I tried as well and i did not found a direct way.

I atatcehd a model that I use . You have to make an export of your contacs from CRM and fill the columns of the excel. After you can export en Google contact and they will go directly to Android in a few minutes. Try just with one contact and see the results. You will find the most suitable way for you

Rembember to save the file when finished as "CSV" befor import to Google contacts

Here the file as a model: