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Exporting Contacts

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I have been using Hubspot free version and with no problems until two weeks back when the Hubspot outage happened. I have been struggling to get in touch with Hubspot help but in vain, and finally putting my issues down here.


1) I am unable to export contacts to CSV. When i follow the process, i get a notification / email and if i click on the link it goes on a never ending loop to log you in and refresh


2) Lately Hubspot started using a lot of memory and has become extremely slow. Thought it was a computer issue, changed laptops and same proble out there also


3) A week post the outage, a lot of contacts were not updated with subsequent touch point info. Not sure if thats fixed now. I also lost of contacts that didnt get synced from FB.


Please help.


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@jennysowyrda  can you help @athareja get in contact with the right team regarding the outage. I'm not sure this is 100% related to the outage but it seems she has been struggling to get to the right team. 




Community Manager

Hi @athareja,


I am sorry for the continued issues you have been experiencing for the past few weeks. Thank you for bringing them to our attention here!


To begin, can you please confirm that the issues you are experiencing are happening across multiple browsers, through an incognito window, and after clearing your cache and cookies? Establishing where the issue is occurring (whether on the browser, computer, or network error) will enable us to see what the scope of the issue is. 


If you can share which browsers you are experiencing this on (name and version), that would be great! 


The more information, screenshots and details you can provide, the better the Community can assist! 


Thank you,

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Hi @jennysowyrda , i realized this was happening only in Safari. When i accessed thru notifications in Chrome, i got the download pop-up. Haven't been back to Hubspot on Safari ever since, so not sure if the issue is still there.