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Does anybody know if you can export contacts including the notes?


Thanks for the help.




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Hi Maria,


Thanks for reaching out to our HubSpot Community! I hope my response finds you well.


Currently, it is not possible to export notes from contact timelines within HubSpot. However, if you have a developer on hand, you can have them utilize our Engagements API endpoint in order to get all the engagements on your contact timeline.


Per this article from our HubSpot Academy, myself and my team are unable to help assist with API and webhook troubleshooting, as we are not trained in this area and it is outside the scope of something we can offer assistance with. Your best option here would be to point this question to our Developer Community Forum, which is a great place our more experienced developers hang out to answer questions like this for our customers.


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Are there plans to make this a standard option for Hubspot.  It would be great to be able to create a filtered contact report that include the notes fields.

Thank you.


Hi, I back this up. As a use case, we are currently involved with a client who doesn't want to pay a very overdue invoice. The notes in Hubspot back up our argument with the client, so it would be great to get them out and share with the client in a format more professional than screen shotting them.


This feature would also be good for exporting on company records. I am using notes on companies to alert sales to cleanup efforts needed within the company record and/or associated contacts. It would be good to create a list of companies with notes and export them to show management the cleanup tasks that have not yet been completed. 


Did this ever get solved? I do expert witness work and currently use Hubspot to record my notes and conversations. It's a total F*ing cluster if Hubspot can't export the notes. **bleep**?


Our fix has been to create custom fields and move the information we were adding in Notes to those fields.  It wouldn't work for everyone but that's our fix for now.

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One of your options would be to write a script against HubSpot Engagements API as was already suggested. But obviously, that would require writing some scripts/code. 


As far as I know, the only option to export notes from HubSpot is using the integration app Import2 Wizard (Premier Partner). When doing the export you will be allowed to include associated contact or company information as well.


If that helps, you can check this video explaining the export steps