Error sending emails to all contacts - do not send

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When I answer to customers from the Contact section it gives me an error and the mail that i sent don't arrive to the recipiet. This error happens with all the contacts. I also tried with my email and Jennifer's email (hubspot support)

The display errors are: 

- There was an issue sending your email. This email has bounced.

- There was an issue sending your email. This recipient looks invalid. Previous sends to this address have bounced.


The email with I answer to the customers is


I attach some screenshot
Schermata 2019-09-09 alle 10.41.59.pngjennifer's emailSchermata 2019-09-09 alle 10.21.55.pngmy email

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Hello @PlanetSmartCity 


There is not a problem with your email with which you are sending out the replies to your customers. It's something related to your customer's emails. The above messages are shown for those records for whom the previously sent email was bounced.
Please have a look to article: Email error: 'There was an issue sending an email to this contact' and for your solution the article: Send emails to contacts that previously bounced can help.



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